Questions of Genetics and Race Raised by Wrongful Birth Case

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Racism

ennifer Cramblett from Ohio was recently on the losing side of a wrongful birth case. She claimed that she was inseminated by sperm produced by the incorrect donor. As a result, she gave birth to a biracial baby, not wanted by her. This is why she took legal action.

Scientific Racism

This case has become more controversial because she wanted a child of a particular race. This is something that has happened in the past which allowed science to decide the race of a child.stop-racism-please

Also known as Scientific Racism, it argues that some people have more talents than others if they grow up in the right surroundings. However, there is a belief in some areas of American society that your talents are derived from your race.

Certain research also goes on to state that conflicts in the past were caused by genetic differences between those fighting each other. This focus on the human gene as a cause of conflict, dismissed other factors which may be the cause.

Various scientific experts got together to discuss race and the way people from certain races act. The way many race-and-ethnicity-20-728people view race and people’s abilities has been questioned. The media in particular seem to suggest that certain athletes from certain races with specific genes perform better than athletes from other races. Studies went on to discover that over half the newspapers they researched in English speaking areas attributed sporting achievements to the athlete’s race, even though this has proven to be false.

The Olympics of 2012 is a good example of this. A large number of newspapers and media outlets suggested that sprinters from the West Indies and African American athletes ran faster because of the conditions their ancestors had to endure. However, this was once again dismissed.

How This Affects Politics

This issue has serious consequences in politics. Various white supremacists use gene research to argue that many problems are caused by certain races because of their genes. This has happened in the past too, with certain groups believing that certain races were only suitable to do certain jobs. It went even further in some countries where sterilisation was used to prevent certain races or minorities from reproducing.

White People’s Beliefs About Raceracism_1

Studies found that white individuals believed genes played a bigger role in black people’s personalities and
behaviour. Many also felt that inequality between races was often down to problems with the individual. Many of those white people who had both of these beliefs were more likely to agree with political policies that addressed the financial gap between races.

Many misunderstandings still occur. Some believe that genes limit certain races. Certain beliefs are not a true reflection on the differences between one race and another. However, others believe that these limitations were placed on many races because of their colonial past and that popular beliefs are not true.o-RACISM-HANDS-facebook

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