Porsche Faces Lawsuit Over Paul Walker’s Death

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Law

eadow Walker, 16, the daughter of the late Paul Walker, has filed a lawsuit against Porsche, claiming that the vehicle manufacturer is to blame for the fatal crash over two years ago which cost Walker his life.

paul-walker-fast-and-furiousWalker died in a high-speed car crash in November 2013 which occurred at a charity event for his foundation, Reach Out Worldwide. He was forty years of age. At the time of the crash, Walker was riding as a passenger of a Porsche Carrera GT driven by his friend, Roger Rodas. Both men lost their lives in the crash.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the car was travelling at 80 and 93mph when it collided with a power pole and several trees.

Lack of Safety Features

The Associated Press states that the lawsuit claims that the car, which was marked as a street-legal racing car, lacked the proper stability control system and safeguards in place to protect the driver and passengers as well as prevent it from catching fire in the event of a collision. According to Meadow and her lawyers, the lack of these safety features contributed to the death of Walker, saying that if they were in place, the crash could have been prevented or at the very least, Walker could have survived.

paul-walker-porsche-carrera-death-leadThe lawsuit was first reported by TMZ, which quotes it as saying that Paul Walker survived the impact of the crash which took his life, however he suffered horrifically as he was burned alive. The suit also states that when the Porsche crashed, Walker’s seatbelt snapped his torso back with thousands of pounds worth of force, causing fractures to his pelvis and ribs and thereby effectively trapping him in the passenger seat. The wrongful death lawsuit does not put a figure on damages sought.

In September, Meadow announced the creation of The Paul Walker Foundation on her Instagram account. The organisation will provide grants and scholarships to students and researchers who are pursuing marine science education.

Porsche Response

In response to the lawsuit, Porsche state that they have not yet seen it, and therefore are unable to comment on the specifics. Porsche spokesperson Calvin Kim told Deadline that the company is saddened if anyone is hurt or killed in a Porsche vehicle, however they believe that the reports carried out by authorities in this case clearly establish that this tragic collision was the direct result of reckless driving and excessive speed.

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